Indiana Pacers are Finding Their Stroke

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

For much of this season so far, the Indiana Pacers have been a sharp contrast in scoring offense, as opposed to their scoring defense. The Pacers have been at the top of the league in points allowed, but have also been at the bottom of the league in points scored. Those statistics have somewhat switched recently, but for the most part, the Pacers have continued to prosper.

Indiana’s scoring has gone up by leaps and bounds over the past few games, but they have also found themselves giving up points to opposing teams in abundance. Indiana has scored over 100 points five times in their past six games. The one time in the last six games that they didn’t reach the century mark, the Pacers scored 98 points. Over that same span, Indiana is 4-2, and has also given up over 100 points four times.

It’s tough to tell just yet if the increase in offensive production is simply a combination of opportunities and ability, or that this scoring surge is the sign of a team beginning to hit their stride and gel very well, as the second-half of the season begins. With a lead in their division, and the continuation a 15-game winning streak at home, the month of February has begun in favorable fashion for the Indiana Pacers. If this team can keep up that kind of production, then they might just find themselves at the top of the Eastern Conference, as well.

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