It May Be Too Late For Rudy Gay To Take Toronto Raptors To NBA Playoffs

By John Raffel
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Rudy Gay is now on the Toronto Raptors roster and this means much will be expected of coach Dwayne Casey, and it should be. With the addition of Gay, Casey should have the talent to turn up his team’s competitive level by several notches.

The question is, how high of a level can they reach?

The Raptors, at 17-31, are a long shot to be a playoff team unless Gay can take the team by storm and lead it close to the .500 mark which is the minimum of what it will take to make it.

Gay will be what he can for the Raptors, he’s already proven it with two strong games including a team-high 29 points against the Miami Heat with 11-of-23 shooting. In that particular game, Gay played all but seven minutes and did just about everything with four. rebounds, two assists and three steals.

But Gay is making Raptor fans smile when he says he needs to adjust to find out where his teammates want to be at various times, then perhaps he’ll settle down, meaning he could produce even more numbers. Just give him some time.

The playoffs remain somewhat of a long shot and while Gay can help the Raptors make a run and get close to the .500 mark, it may be too much to ask for this season given the numbers. Sunday’s 100-85 loss to the Miami Heat at home showed how far behind the Raptors are among the league contenders, even with Rudy Gay on the team.

Not only did Gay score 29 points but DeMar DeRozan added 27 for the Raptors. And still they lost.

Casey just needs to stop drawing $25,000 fines from the NBA for criticizing refs and get as much as he can out of Gay and the others and hope the team will be on the start of the turnaround…and that he’s there to watch the finished product.

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