Sacramento Kings Needs to Get Rid of Everyone

By Thomas Jones
Russ Isabella – US PRESSWIRE

The Sacramento Kings have been a dysfunctional bunch for a while now. They haven’t had a winning season since 2005-06 and appear to be headed towards another dismal finish before this season is over. Even after picking near the top of the lottery for the past few seasons it still looks as if the Kings have no idea what to do with their roster or coaching staff. Now that the team is either on the brink of relocating or staying in Sacramento, either way with new ownership, it is time for a major overhaul.

With new ownership normally comes the hiring of new staff. Current General Manager Geoff Petrie and coach Keith Smart will presumably be on the way out. Petrie has shown that he obviously wasn’t the man to return the Kings back into winners with failed coaching hires and player acquisitions. How he has lasted this long, no one knows. Smart, while liked by his players, has never really gained control of this team. Some of that may be due to the mettlesome ways of current owners, the Maloof Family. Either way, change is needed and it must be from top to bottom.

As for the team, it would be wise to purge this roster in its entirety and begin anew. While they have a few talented pieces on their roster, none of them really work together or in that environment. The Kings never figured out a way to properly utilize Tyreke Evans and should trade him for assets before some team puts a contract on the table this summer that the Kings know they aren’t going to match. Evans still holds some value around the league being he is only in his fourth year, 23 years old, and still has loads of potential that the Kings were unable to unwrap.

While the Kings may want to hold on to the talented but mercurial DeMarcus Cousins to usher in their new era, he isn’t exactly the type of player you want to make the face of your franchise. Cousins has yet to quell his maturity issues and that tends to take precedence over his basketball skills on an almost nightly basis. Unless the future plan is to build a veteran laden team around Cousins with a highly respected coach and coaching staff, trading Cousins for assets this summer might be in the Kings’ best interest as well. Clearing cap space while attaining assets in the form of picks should be the name of the game for the Kings as they look to change ownership and maybe cities this summer.

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