Chicago Bulls and Toronto Raptors Discussing Carlos Boozer-Andrea Bargnani Swap

By Riley Schmitt
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls and the Toronto Raptors both have big men that they are disappointed with. The Bulls have Carlos Boozer, who is a lightning rod for angry Bulls fans to talk about. The Raptors have Andrea Bargnani, who seems to get blamed for everything. It makes sense that the two teams would be talking about a trade.

As a basketball fan, I think this is a case of two teams that want to swap baggage and see if a change of scenery can help.  Both players are pretty much what they are.  Boozer is a guy who seems to get good numbers against bad teams, but he disappears against good teams.  Neither player can play defense, but it looks like the Bulls could have some use for Bargs.

In theory, if the Bulls had Bargs, they could bring him off the bench and start Taj Gibson.  You could turn the bench for the Bulls into a group based around the points that he could give you.  It would seem odd but it might be the best way to look at this.  Otherwise, it could be hard to see what the point would be.

There will be more discussions as we get closer to the trade deadline.  I do not think both fanbases would be opposed to this move.  It would give them someone to hate, at least.

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