Los Angeles Lakers Reluctant To Add Front Court Help

By Joshua Casey
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

With the recent injury to Pau Gasol due to a tear of the plantar fascia in his right foot, Dwight Howard’s nagging shoulder injury, and the disabled player exception that the Los Angeles Lakers were recently granted, adding depth in the front court seemed the logical explanation. But, as is being reported around the Lakers organization, that may not be the route that management is willing to take.

The Lakers currently have four guys who are legitimate front court players Metta World Peace, Antawn Jamison, Earl Clark, and Robert Sacre. Kobe Bryant could be put into the small forward position if the Lakers wish to go to a very small lineup presumably with Steve Blake at the shooting guard position. The options for head coach Mike D’Antoni are not many, and with the type of luck that the Lakers have had this season an injury to a starter in their game against the Boston Celtics would not be one bit surprising.

So what is Mitch Kupchak‘s thought process behind avoiding a last gasp move by dipping into the horrid free agent pool of front court players available? The belief is that having gone through an already hectic first half of the season, what with the Dwight Howard situation and all, another player in the locker room, quite possibly a crazy personality like Kenyon Martin, would only make things worse.

Adding another player to help out an injury riddled squad in the short term does not seem likely, but if the Lakers continue to drop like flies who knows what the front office may do. The addition of a free agent forward is not totally out of the question, it just seems a little far-fetched at the moment.

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