Mike D'Antoni Continues To Throw His Players Under The Bus

By Riley Schmitt
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

I never thought that Mike D’Antoni was the right fit for the Los Angeles Lakers. I thought his style of play did not fit the roster. However, I never thought that he would continue to throw his players under the bus. It appears that Dwight Howard is the latest victim of this.

What purpose does this serve?  This is not something that the media needs to know.  If Howard did not want to play, why would you tell everyone about that?  He apparently is still dealing with shoulder pain and having his coach say something like this is not going to improve relations.  At this rate, there will be no chance of Howard staying with the team past this season.

This has happened a lot with D’Antoni this year.  At first, Pau Gasol was the victim but he is now out for almost the rest of the season.  I guess he thought he needed someone else to blame for the team’s struggles and Dwight turns out to be the guy.  I am actually looking forward to hearing what Howard has to say in response.

This has been a season from hell for the Lakers.  Everything has gone wrong and it is a very real possibility that they miss the playoffs.  If that ends up being true, expect the team to take a long hard look at D’Antoni.  If he fails to improve, they may just get rid of him.

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