NBA Rumors: Bradley Beal About to Rejoin John Wall in the Washington Wizards Backcourt

By Craig Ballard
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

It looks like the Washington Wizards will have their rookie shooting guard Bradley Beal return to action on Friday night when the Wiz host the Brooklyn Nets. It has been ages since any sense of optimism surrounded this franchise, but the back-court duo of John Wall and Beal is going to be special (article on Wall is HERE). It is a very small sample size, but these two have played in 10 games together and the Wiz are 6-4. For a lot of teams a 6-4 ten game span is nothing to write home about, but considering the Wizards have a putrid .271 winning percentage over their last 4+ seasons (last four seasons plus they have played 38 games so far this season without one of Wall or Beal) it makes the .600 percentage with these two look remarkable regardless of the small sample size.

Another remarkable aspect of Wall and Beal playing together is how much better the offense becomes when this young duo works together. All teams will score more when they have their starting guards healthy and playing, but so far in Washington the difference has been massive. The Wiz are the lowest scoring team in the NBA, but in their 10 games with Wall/Beal they averaged a solid 98.6 points per game. The Wiz are also the Association’s worst shooting team, but when Wall/Beal play the Wiz create a high-powered offense that has spacing and can attack the rim. Washington has a horrid .424 shooting percentage, but when both stud-in-the-making guards play that percentage is allll the way up to .471 which is outstanding shooting.

Beal is 6’4″ with a 6’8″ wingspan and he is a guy who will develop into a very good defender. He is fantastic in transition as he can finish at the rim. For years now the Wizards have been brutal from downtown, and they jettisoned guys like Nick Young, Rashard Lewis, and Roger Mason leaving all the long range shots for Beal. The 19 year old young man has good footwork and good mechanics that are only going to improve which will help his catch-and-shooting improve as well. This young man has a massive future in the NBA, he and Wall are going to wreak havoc together for years to come.

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