NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Will Not Ask For A Trade

By Joshua Casey
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

After the debacle that was the “Dwightmare” last season, and Dwight Howard‘s reluctance to make a long term commitment to the Los Angeles Lakers, many people have speculated that the whole scenario could duplicate itself again, except this time in La La land. While that is a perfectly valid theory, multiple reports have come out indicating that this is simply not true.

Now while I know you have heard that before, as recently as last season when Howard said basically the same thing while with the Orlando Magic, but this time it may be true. Last season when Howard was seen as whining and complaining his way to a trade, many people lost a huge amount of respect for him. Just like the fiasco with LeBron James the only thing that could allow Howard to save face would be staying with the team he was traded to, or in LeBron’s case left to via free-agency, and winning an NBA title.

Even if Howard does not stay with the Lakers, which many people within the Lakers organization feel is a big longshot, once again whining and complaining about his current situation would only worsen his standing with other teams. Last season when the Brooklyn Nets felt that they had a deal in place to acquire Howard, only to have Magic management back out at the last minute, they felt that they had missed a great opportunity. Now, though, Billy King‘s stance on Howard is not as rosy.

Numerous times this season King has stated that Brook Lopez is, and will be, the Brooklyn Nets center. The Nets’ biggest recruiter of Howard, Deron Williams, has also stated the same. While the Nets are still rumored to be interested in Howard and making a play at him this Summer, their stance on him has certainly changed. If Howard were to pull the same stunt in L.A that he did in Orlando, who knows what that would do to his reputation.

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