Sacramento Kings Should Experiement With Lineup

By Thomas Jones
Russ Isabella – US PRESSWIRE

For a team that isn’t going anywhere except Seattle, the Sacramento Kings does not spend enough time trying to figure out exactly what they have on their roster. As it stands now, John Salmons starts at the small forward position and Jason Thompson gets the nod at power forward. Meanwhile, the Kings have a few young guys spending time on the bench who should be using this time to get invaluable game action as the team moves forward.

Thomas Robinson should be starting ahead of Thompson at power forward. Yes, Robinson may be undersized and raw, but he brings energy and enthusiasm to a lackluster squad. Nobody will go harder than he will on the boards and making a mistake going 100 miles and hour is a lot better than making plenty of mistakes playing lackadaisical basketball. It would also be in the Kings best interest to see how DeMarcus Cousins and Robinson do together, as they are slated to eventually be the front court of the future, barring any trades or injuries.

The Kings should also think about sliding Tyreke Evans over to the small forward and letting Jimmer Fredette spend more time on the floor as a floor spacer. As it stands now, the Kings have no real threats from three-point range in the starting lineup. Sure, Salmons can knock down a few but he doesn’t scare defenders from out there the way Fredette will. With Cousins down low commanding double teams, having Fredette in the short corner will make many teams pay for helping out on the the big man.

Sliding Evans over to the small forward also allows him to play more of the point/forward role in the offense. Evans is capable of filling up the box score on any given night if placed in the right position. Allowing him to play off the ball when a point guard is in and then allowing the offense to run through him when you take the point guard off the floor and subbing in Marcus Thornton would make the offense that more dangerous. The Kings have a lot of interesting pieces and now is the time for them to find out exactly what they have.

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