Chris Andersen to Remain with Miami Heat

Brad Mills-US Presswire

The Miami Heat have signed Chris “The Birdman” Andersen for the remainder of the season.

Birdman signed a couple of ten-day trial contracts with Miami before they decided to keep him on the team. He proved his worth and showed the defending NBA champions that he can be instrumental in rebounding and keeping the energy up.

Birdman has averaged four rebounds when he has played more than ten minutes with the Heat, raising the teams overall offensive rebounding average to 9.2 per game from 8.5. Before Andersen arrived the Heat were tied at dead last with the Boston Celtics in offensive rebounds per game.

After being banned from the NBA for two years because of substance-abuse issues and after having his home searched last May as part of an investigation into what was described as Internet-related crimes against children, he was waived by the Denver Nuggets in July.

Steve Mitchell-US Presswire

Andersen hasn’t been arrested or formally charged with any crimes and it seems as though the crimes against children story was a fabrication. His lawyer is working hard to battle the stigma that has now become attached to him, and says the individual with whom Andersen was communicating online with is a woman who claimed to be of legal age.

While with the Nuggets, the Birdman became a fan favorite, exciting people with his energy and tenacity. He has made his presence felt already in Miami, averaging 3.7 points per game with an excellent player efficiency rating of 19.7.

Who knows, Birdman might actually get the fans in Miami to get up and make some noise for once. One thing is for sure though, Birdman is not at 100% yet, but when he gets back into his groove the Heat will be a team that has a great chance to repeat.

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