Cleveland Cavalier Tristan Thompson Improving On Offense, Can Now Shoot With Either Hand

By Nick Claussen
Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers forward/center Tristan Thompson is finding new ways to score for the Wine and Gold, and is now even shooting effectively with either hand.

Thompson is left-handed, but has developed a strong right hand as well. In the Cavaliers 122 to 95 win over the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday night, Thompson showed off that strong right hand once again by hitting two straight right-handed jumpers from inside the key.

In just his second NBA season, Thompson is improving tremendously as a player, especially on the offensive end.

Last season and earlier this season, the Cavaliers could not really dump the ball into the post to Thompson and count on him to score. He was good at cutting through the lane for passes for dunks and for scoring on put-backs, but his offense was limited. Thompson could occasionally knock down shots from inside the key, but it was not a consistent shot for him.

Now, Thompson looks confident when he gets the ball in the post. He is scoring from the baseline with both hands, he is driving to the rim and he is extending his jump shots out a little further. He is also rebounding even better and is becoming a leader for the young Cavaliers.

With veteran forward/center Anderson Varejao out for the rest of the season, the Cavaliers really needed Thompson to step up. He has responded in a big way, and it is great to see him being aggressive on offense, working for good shots and now even shooting with either hand at times.

It has been impressive to see Thompson’s growth as a player and as a scorer. According to media reports, Thompson even tied Head Coach Byron Scott (a great shooter in his NBA career) in a three-point shooting contest recently while shooting with his right hand.

Thompson is certainly not a polished offensive player yet, but he is putting in the work to keep getting better, and the hard work is paying off for him and for the Cavaliers.

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