Denver Nuggets' Kenneth Faried: A Star in the Making

By Joe Morrone
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets won their eighth straight game with a blowout of the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night. The talk of the Nuggets over the past two seasons has focused on the fact that they are a very good team without a star. That might be changing, he’s not in that category yet but Kenneth Faried is on his way. He turned in the best performance of his young career in a dominating effort on both sides of the court.

Faried finished the night with 21 points and 12 rebounds, neither one of those numbers are a career high but it was by far his best overall effort. Oh, and he did that sitting out the entire fourth quarter. What makes Faried so good and different from other great players is the fact that the Nuggets do not run a single play for him. Everything he gets, he gets because he plays hard from the tip to the final buzzer.

Faried is not a guy that the Nuggets are going to run a play for at the end of a playoff game, but he does everything else that you want from your best player. He scores, he rebounds and he plays his best basketball on the biggest stages. The stars in the NBA also set the pace for their teams, and Faried does that for the Nuggets. His teammates feed off of his energy and when the Nuggets play with effort, they can beat anyone on any given night.

The city of Denver is still trying to climb out of the sports’ doldrums after the Denver Broncos stunning loss in the playoffs last months, but the Nuggets are worth a look. No one over the past three or four years has been harder on the Nuggets than me, but this is a good basketball team. Faried may not be a star yet, but he is rising and so are the Nuggets.

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