Golden State Warriors Need Some Defensive Help

By Connor Muldowney
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Golden State Warriors are a contender– simple as that. They will be in the playoffs this season, and will make a solid run at one of the top spots in the conference before postseason play.

Sitting at 30-19, the Warriors are a solid team. However, after a couple blowout losses, they need to re-evaluate what they want to do defensively.

The Warriors are just four games out of first place in the Pacific Division behind the Los Angeles Clippers, but with their recent defensive issues, that number could easily rise.

They rank 24th in the league in team defense, allowing over 100 points a game and forcing the offense to put up big numbers in order to win. They are in seventh place in the league when it comes to point scored per game, but 101.2 is just a half of a point more than they allow.

If they can just barely outscore opponents, they may have trouble down the stretch when they play another top offensive team, but as for right now, they have time to find some defensive help.

In a perfect world, the Warriors would add someone like Dwight Howard to help contribute to their already-solid rebounding and help bolster their interior game on both offense and defense.

However, Howard is way too expensive for this team and realistically, not many people would want him on their team nowadays with all of the extra baggage he brings with him. Whatever they need to do in order to bring their defense up to speed, it needs to happen before the trade deadline, or they could be in for a long second-half of the season.

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