Kevin Garnett Wants to Bleed Green for the Remainder of his NBA Career

By Tyler Ash
Kevin Garnett
Mark L. Bear- USA TODAY Sports

Becoming the 16th player in NBA history to reach 25,000 points was not on the mind of Kevin Garnett following the Boston Celtics 115-96 old fashioned beat-down over the rival Los Angeles Lakers. Instead, Garnett wanted to reiterate his love for the franchise that traded for him in the summer of 2007. A couple of days ago,  Garnett told the media “he bleeds green and dies green”. After last night’s win, an unprompted Garnett sounded off on recent trade rumors but more importantly explained his devotion to the Celtics and why he wants to remain a Celtics until he retires.

“On a last note, I just want to say that I love my situation here,” said Garnett. “I don’t know what y’all sources or whoever’s making up these articles about me getting traded to Denver and all these other places. But I bleed green and I continue to do that. And if it’s up to me then I’m going to retire a Celtic. So I just want everybody to know that, all right?”

Garnett,who is one of four players in the NBA to own a no-trade clause, wants to stick in Boston until his playing days are over and who can blame him?  The 15-time-all-star has reached the conference finals three times in his five years in Boston, making it to the NBA Finals twice and of course winning the NBA title in 2008. Garnett has been the anchor of the Boston defense since the 2007-2008 title campaign and he continues to lead the team with his defensive intensity.

The Celtics have matched a season-best by winning six games in a row, following their six game losing streak. The team has yet to quit despite injuries to starters Rajon Rondo and Jared Sullinger. The team has seemingly rallied together as the 10-man-rotation that Doc Rivers is using is finally starting to work.  Trade rumors were expected following Rondo’s ACL tear but the Celtics have put those rumors to bed with inspired play on both sides of the floor. Garnett acknowledged the improvement on both ends of the floor last night.

“Right now we are in a rhythm; we are moving the ball,” Garnett said. “I know I kind of sound like a broken record, but we are continuing to consolidate the ball and everybody’s touching the ball and playing with a lot of confidence. We are playing together on both ends, and that’s important right now.

With home wins over Los Angeles Clippers and Miami Heat, a come-from-behind win in Toronto, to go along with blowouts win at TD Garden over the Sacramento Kings, Orlando Magic and just recently the Los Angeles Lakers, the Celtics have made a statement to the league that they are not done yet and they are ready to make some noise come playoff time. Still, the doubters remain, especially with Rondo injured. But that does not seem to faze captain Paul Pierce.

“We got a lot of talent in this locker room,” Pierce said. “We’re fine with flying under the radar, no expectations, everybody not expecting anything from us. We’re going to just keep moving along and try to get better.”

Garnett, like Pierce, has not given up on this team. His passion for the game of basketball does not allow him to give up in any situation as has a refuse-to-lose mentality. Garnett wants to retire a Celtic and given his play the past five and half seasons, he deserves to end his career in Boston. The #5 will soon be retired and hanging alongside Pierce’s #34 in the rafters, along with all the other Celtic greats, and therefore it only makes sense for Garnett to get his wish and retire a Celtic.

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