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Los Angeles Lakers Have Trouble With Charlotte Bobcats

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a ton of conversation this season around the National Basketball Association about what the Los Angeles Lakers should do, or what they aren’t doing well. The Lakers had to rally on Friday night to beat the Charlotte Bobcats 100-93. Charlotte is just 11-38 for the season, and for the Lakers to have any trouble beating them just proves to me that the team must be broken up at the trade deadline because this team is just no good.

There is zero doubt in my mind that Dwight Howard has to go. Howard has proved that he can’t play through any sort of pain, and the players are starting to grow tired of that. I understand that not everyone wants to tough it out and play through pain, but Kobe Bryant is now all over Howard about not being out there. It is not a good situation for Howard or the Lakers in general. If Los Angeles can find a way to get something for Howard, they have to do it.

The Lakers are just 24-27 on the season, and can’t afford to fall any further behind in the Western Conference because they will find themselves on the outside looking in when the playoffs begin. The dynamic of Howard with Bryant is not working at all, and it would be best for the team to just part ways with Howard as soon as they can. This has been a terrible season for the Lakers, and it may only be saved by trading Howard away.

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