Philadelphia 76er Scorers Like Spencer Hawes Need To Produce Consistently

By John Raffel
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the shots fall and sometimes they don’t. Spencer Hawes knows that feeling in recent games for the Philadelphia 76ers. They’re playing like a typical 21-27 NBA team. They look great and shoot the ball well one night and don’t look so good and shoot the ball poorly the next. And it usually depends on the quality of their opponent.

Hawes has had several games in double figures but some in single digits.

But it seems like what happens to one Sixers shooter happens to the rest of them on a single night. It’s an epidemic.

Wednesday, the Sixers had the bad timing to go up against the sizzling Indiana Pacers and lost 88-69 and as the score would indicate, the Sixers shot very poorly.

Hawes was 3-of-13 and scored six points. He had hit for double figures the past three games including 21 against the Orlando Magic Monday. Those other games were against the Sacramento Kings and Washington Wizards.Those three opponents are obviously not playing as well as the Pacers right now.

Hawes usually struggles against high quality teams, but not always. He’s shooting the ball fairly well but isn’t putting up enough shots.

He has had 21 and 16 points against the San Antonio Spurs and 21 against the Milwaukee Bucks so he has proven he can score against quality opponents.

But Hawes, like many of his teammates, is all over the place with the offense. Sixer fans don’t know which offense will show up on a given night. That’s why the Sixers are struggling in trying to make the playoffs.

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