Phoenix Suns Look For Jared Dudley To Improve Team's Offense

By John Raffel
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Dudley indicates that it’s simple to explain why the Phoenix Suns threw up a lot of bricks in a 93-84 NBA loss on Wednesday to the New Orleans Hornets. He’s just not sure there’s a solution to the problem.

Dudley had the only three for a Suns team that was 1-of-15 in 3-point shooting. Dudley had the only triple but was 1-of-5 in 3-point shooting. It’s not that the Hornet defense was tenacious, considering the Suns had plenty of open looks. The shots would not fall.

Dudley points out that his team has a different offense and it is resulting in the team throwing the ball down low and not doing much pick-and-roll. He argues that the team needs more open looks. He claims the problem is not doing enough things on defense to open the easier shots.

Dudley was 6-of-11 from the floor against the Hornets, which is not bad. But the threes is a different matter for the Suns. The team was 35-of-74 from the floor for 44.9 percent. He’s a career 40 percent shooter in triples.

So there’s not much of a way to explain why Dudley and the Suns fizzled in 3-point shooting against the Hornets who don’t necessarily have the toughest defense in the league.

Dudley has actually improved on his shooting this season. His shooting percentage this season is three points higher than his career figure. He has 2.6 assists per game this season compared to 1.4 for his career. His improvement needs to be more  consistent. The team can’t afford another shooting disaster as it experienced against New Orleans.

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