Phoenix Suns Need to Rebuild Via the NBA Draft

By Devin O'Barr
David Stern at NBA Draft Podium
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

If I’m the Phoenix Suns I’m doing the best that I can to avoid the recent NBA trade rumors that have them trading for Josh Smith as they need to save their draft picks and rebuild that way.

Whenever running a franchise one of the most important traits to have is patience. A perfect example to this would be the Oklahoma City Thunder who have drafted all of their talent and haven’t tried to take the route of least resistance.

Kevin DurantRussell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka and even James Harden were all players that the Thunder drafted and developed on their own. So don’t give me this excuse that talent can only be garnered via free agency or trade it just takes an immense amount of patience. The Suns have a long way to go in terms of talent but, if they want to improve in the coming seasons they must draft smarter and more often.

Of the last 10 players that the Suns have selected in the last five or six seasons only two of them remain on the Suns roster–Kendall Marshall and Markieff Morris are the ones and have been drafted at #13 in the last two seasons.

Looking at the Suns roster it’s embarrassing to see what they have done in the draft and discouraging to think they have developed absolutely no talent as Morris and Marshall have combined to start in 11 games.

At 17-33 the Suns will definitely be in the lottery this summer but, it won’t matter if they continue to swing and miss on these high picks.

If anyone is in need of a good laugh tell them to take a look at the Suns recent draft history as it includes names like Rajon RondoNate Robinson, and Luol Deng–none of these three ever played a game in Phoenix.

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