Phoenix Suns Should Push Harder, Trade for Atlanta Hawks' Josh Smith

By Jeric Griffin
josh smith suns
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s like all the rumors about the Phoenix Suns trading for Atlanta Hawks star Josh Smith have just disappeared. Of course, that could mean it was all just smoke, but I doubt it. The team saw a little spurt of success when head coach Alvin Gentry was fired and replaced with Lindsey Hunter, but it didn’t last long and now the team needs a spark of energy on the floor, not just the sideline. “Energy” is Smith’s middle name, so regardless the validity of the rumors, the Suns need to buckle up and make a hard push to trade for Atlanta’s only remaining gem.

Sure, the Hawks are still technically a playoff team in the Eastern Conference, but we all know they’re not a contender. They couldn’t compete with the big boys when they had Joe Johnson and they sure can’t make any noise without him, regardless of whether or not they ignorantly think they’re a better team without him. So since the Hawks can’t win with their current team, why not move Smith and see if they can put together a nice little package off which to build for the future?

Of course, that doesn’t do anything for the Suns. However, Phoenix has been a Western Conference doormat since Steve Nash left and that won’t change until they bring in another star. Now bringing in Smith certainly won’t make them a contender. Heck, it won’t even make them a playoff team. It will give them something around which to build their franchise and they don’t have that anymore and really haven’t in a long time because isn’t a spring chicken anymore.

Think about it, members of the Suns’ brass. Smith would sell tickets, if nothing else.

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