NBA Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings and DeMarcus Cousins Have Alot Of Growing To Do

Howard Smith – US PRESSWIRE

It is no secret that the Sacramento Kings have a talented player in DeMarcus Cousins who could also be the center piece to their future. It is also well known that the talented Cousins also has severe maturity issues. The Kings have to figure out a way to settle down their star player and keep him on the court. If Cousins is indeed the face of the future, he also has to do some growing up.

The main thing the Kings as an organization need to do is make Cousins more accountable for his actions. Getting tossed out of games at the half, arguing with teammates and coaches, and just flat out pouting when things aren’t going his way shouldn’t be tolerated. As the most talented player on the team the light shines brighter on his actions than any others. From the owners to the front office to the coaches, there needs to be a mutual outline on how to deal with Cousins during his constant trips to Immaturity Land. Normally, fining a player should get their attention but the Kings may have to do something that would hurt him more. Make Cousins sit out games, on the bench, watching his team go to battle without him. That embarrassment would probably hurt his pride and effect him more than just touching his wallet.

Cousins also has to do some growing up. He is a pro now. This isn’t high school or college. This is his job, time to start acting like it. Until Cousins realize it is a privilege to play in the NBA not a right he will continue upon this destructive path. It might be in his best interest to go see a therapist or some type of anger management before it is too late and he is out of the league.