The Brooklyn Nets Are Improved Under P.J. Carlesimo, But 2nd Quarter Struggles Continue

By Craig Ballard
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The Brooklyn Nets are doing very well under P.J. Carlesimo (article on Carlesimo and the Nets is HERE), but there are still growing pains going on for the new coach and this new Nets roster.

Despite losing on Friday night to the Washington Wizards the Nets are still an impressive 15-7 under Carlesimo, but there is room for improvement. The Nets are one of the best teams in the NBA in the first quarter, and they are also very good in the fourth quarter, but this team continues to struggle massively in the second and third frames.

The team usually has a solid game plan, but Carlesimo and the Nets need to get better at in-game adjustments, especially as it pertains to countering the adjustments their opponents are making.

Carlesimo is in his ninth season as a NBA head coach, so I do have faith that he can make his necessary adjustments, but a lot of this will fall on the players to put in legit work in practice to continue their gelling process, as this 2012-13 roster does have numerous new players. The starters are playing well together, but that Nets built their bench to provide depth, and while the results have been fairly good, we see it could be better.

The loss to the Wiz was a classic example of what we are talking about here, as they were right in that game until a putrid 11-point second quarter ensured a long night and a loss. I think the Wiz have an up-and-coming backcourt duo and will be exciting soon, but the Nets have big aspirations this season, so losing to teams like the Wiz is unacceptable, and a 11-point second quarter (31 total for 2nd and 3rd quarters) is not going to cut it. The Nets need to get their rotation tighter, and they need more consistency as the game wears on.

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