Toronto Raptors: NBA Does the Right Thing Putting Terrence Ross In the Dunk Contest (Video)

By Michael Roberts
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA finally showed the Toronto Raptors some respect for once by announcing Terrence Ross will participate in the All-Star Slam Dunk Competition.

Ross has been electrifying north of the border, routinely making fans jump out of their seats as he soars through the air. Here is a small example of some of the work Ross has on his dunking resume:

The rookie becomes the fifth Raptor in franchise history to participate in the contest, joining names like Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Jamario Moon and DeMar DeRozan.

McGrady and Carter’s dunk contest history is well documented with Carter announcing his arrival to the league by winning the 2000 Dunk Contest. He was helped by his cousin McGrady in that competition where T-Mac finished third with Steve Francis coming in second. Although anybody who watched that competition would know McGrady would have been facing off against his cousin in the finals had he been able to slam home any of his dunk attempts. T-Mac had wonderful creativity and was out performing Francis but unfortunately couldn’t finish.

DeRozan on the other hand was completely robbed when he entered the competition after the world realized the event was nothing more than a popularity contest. DeRozan out dunked everybody in the competition but wasn’t given the respect he deserved because he plays in Canada and most people south of Toronto were hearing about him for the first time. If DeRozan’s name was Dwight Howard his performance would have gone down as one of the best ever in the history of the event.

That is something Ross will have to worry about as he enters the competition against Gerald Green, James White, Eric Bledsoe, Kenneth Faried and last year’s winner Jeremy Evans. Out of all those names, Ross is the least known league-wide which means he’ll have to put on a great show in order to get any respect. Green, White and Evans are well known for their slams, while Bledsoe and Faried may be the biggest names in the competition. Anybody with the nickname “The Manimal” like Faried has, is likely the favorite entering the event.

Given what Ross has shown Toronto this season, nobody in Canada doubts his ability to throw it down. However, everybody doubts his ability to earn the proper respect after what DeRozan had to endure.

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