Washington Wizards are Future Contenders With a Healthy John Wall

By Josiah Turner
John Wall Washington Wizards
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With an 89-74 victory over the Brooklyn Nets tonight, the Washington Wizards have now won three games in a row.

It’s a bit surprising, and not so much because of the win streak, but more because of the teams they’ve beaten. The Nets (29-21) are a playoff contending team, and the Wizards basically dominated the game from start to finish. They have also defeated the Los Angeles Clippers (35-17) and the New York Knicks (32-16) this week. Washington has shown signs of being a competitive team on a nightly basis, but doesn’t always come away with a W.

The biggest issue has been their inability to stay healthy. They began the season without their best player, John Wall, and started 5-28. Wall provides a much-needed spark for the Wizards, as well as for the D.C. fan base. He is entertaining, explosive, and a joy to watch when he’s playing well. He also gives the Wizards a chance. Since his return they are 9-7 and 7-1 on their home court. Wall finished tonight with 15 points, nine assists, and four steals. He has been solid this season, averaging 14.6 points and 6.9 assists.

Even though they are only 14-35 as of now, the future looks bright with their current roster.

Their team is filled with productive players. With Wall on the floor, they could once again become a playoff contender in the Eastern Conference.

For a team that has been struggling over the past few seasons, this may be a confidence building year for the Wizards. I highly doubt they’ll make a push for the postseason this year. But with wins over the Oklahoma City Thunder (37-12), Miami Heat (32-14), the Knicks, and Clippers, they have beaten four of the top five teams in the NBA this season. That’s definitely something to build upon.

Josiah Turner @EspnsJsiah

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