Will Kevin Garnett Retire a Boston Celtic?

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Kevin Garnett

Boston Celtics star forward Kevin Garnett was recently quoted as saying he wants to retire a Celtic, and that the only way he would accept a trade from the organization would be if forward Paul Pierce was included in the same deal.

Is this actually true? It seems like Garnett just wanting to talk just to be heard.

First off, trading both of them in the same deal would be very hard to accomplish because of their salaries and in terms of the Celtics point of view, making sure they receive equal value in return. The only two teams that could conceivably pull this off are the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers.

The problem with Garnett is that he has a full no trade clause and he isn’t going to accept a trade to a non-attractive destination. Pierce you can trade anywhere, but it is probably somewhat disrespectful to him just to ship him anywhere given what he has contributed to the organization throughout the years.

Does Garnett actually mean this? If you recall, before he was traded to the Celtics from the Minnesota Timberwolves, he repeatedly said that he would not come to Boston, but when the deal was executed, he changed his mind. It seems impossible to think that he would reject a trade to the Clippers, considering he spends his off-seasons in nearby Malibu.

Golden State would probably be a similar situation considering it is still in California and is only a short trip from the greater Los Angeles area by plane.  The Warriors are also in serious consideration for a top-five seed in the Western Conference and would be a legitimate threat with Garnett. The problem is that they seem set at the forward positions with David Lee and Andrew Bogut.

Garnett has always been a talker, and it is hard to identify whether he is telling the truth or not with his latest comments.

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