Raymond Felton Running Super Show As New York Knicks' Floor Leader

By John Raffel


Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson isn’t a football skipper, but he likes the work his team’s designated quarterback Raymond Felton continues to do for his squad.

“He is our quarterback,” Woodson said. “That was the whole idea when we got him this summer. All three guys (Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd and Pablo Prigioni) can run a basketball team and throughout the course of the season you see that. Raymond is a big piece of the puzzle. He can pick and choose when he wants to score the ball. He is great at setting other people when he wants guys to get shots.”

Felton isn’t getting the attention his various teammates are netting but he’s as deserving as anyone else to hear the praise. He’s averaging 15 points, three rebounds and six assists per game while running a stellar show on the floor for the Knicks.

This past week was an impressive one for Felton.  His team beat the Detroit Pistons 99-85 and while he only scored four points, he had nine assists. In a 106-96 NBA loss to the Washington Wizards, he had 18 points and four assists. In a 100-94 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, Felton had 11 points and four rebounds.

With Felton running the show, Woodson likes where the Knicks are in terms of surpassing the Miami Heat as Eastern Conference champs.

“We have a big goal,” Woodson said. “Big picture is to win an NBA title. That is first and foremost. One of our goals is to win our division and host first round at home. We are on pace to do that. We have to stay the course.”


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