Toronto Raptors' DeMar DeRozan Making Incredible Contributions

By John Raffel
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It’s going to be tough for the Toronto Raptors at 18-32 to pull close to.500 with just 32 NBA games remaining. They’d have to win at least 23 of those games. That won’t be easy and is unlikely.

But the acquisition of Rudy Gay has made it easier as evident by the 100-98 win over the Indiana Pacers in Indiana on Friday.

The way the Pacers have been playing, it was a very impressive win for the Raptors, led not only by Gay with 23 points and but also picking up some outstanding production from DeMar DeRozan with 22.

Gay gets plenty of credit, but it’s DeRozan who has been coming through in a major way for the Raptors. Perhaps he deserves even more credit for the Raptors’ success on Friday night than Gay.

DeRozan netted the only 3-pointer he attempted. That obviously means he should be shooting more,.

Gay shot 36 percent from the floor while DeRozan was slightly below .500. He’s very choosy about his shots and makes sure he takes nothing less than the best opportunity.

He’s averaging 17 points a game so he’s taking good care of the ball, which is critical. He’s been doing well in shooting and his numbers continue to be outstanding. As the playoffs approach, DeRozan will have to come on strong to help his team continue in the offseason.

Gay will continue to get all the ink and will take the reporters’ questions compared to DeRozan, who will gladly play behind the scenes and try to help the Raptors have a strong second half to their 2011-12 season and build to the future.

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