Awesome to See the Los Angeles Clippers Finally Becoming Relevant in the NBA

By Craig Ballard
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

In the 1970-71 NBA season the Buffalo Braves became an expansion team and in the 1978-79 season they moved and became the San Diego Clippers. Neither city saw much winning from this franchise and that did not change when they moved again in 1984 becoming the Los Angeles Clippers. This is their 29th season in LA and the franchise is finally experiencing some good times after decades of futility. The Clipps are certain to make the playoffs this season, but that will be just the sixth time in their 29 LA seasons. The LA Clipps have won a measly two playoff series’ with a playoff record of 15-21 over their 28 seasons. That is an average of one playoff game victory every two seasons…yikes…we can see why the Clippers have been a doormat franchise that did not inspire much of a following, but lately things have really changed (for the good).

Over the past two seasons the Clippers have made a legit effort to build a great team, a winning team, and the fans are noticing and flocking to the Clippers bandwagon. In the last two years they have added guys like Chris Paul, Caron Butler, Chauncey Billups, Matt Barnes, Jamal Crawford, Ronny Turiaf, Grant Hill, Willie Green, and Lamar Odom and the wins have been coming fast and furious. The Clippers are going to win the Pacific Division this season for the first time in their history, and their strong play is attracting way more fans than ever before so for the first time in franchise history their ticket sales are booming (home and away, peeps are clamoring to see the Lob City). This is the fourth straight season that the Clippers are selling more tickets than the previous season at the Staples Center and the once unthinkable has happened as the Clipps are actually passing the Los Angeles Lakers for ticket sales at Staples (perhaps passing the Lakers for relevance in LA too).

The Lakers have been the no.1 or no.2 road draw for over a decade, but the last three seasons the Clippers have become a top road draw as well because guys like Griffin, CP3, and DeAndre Jordan (plus others of course) are combining to play a very entertaining (and successful) brand of basketball. The drafting of Griffin, plus David Stern and his ridiculous and unforgivable (for me anyway) forcing of Paul to the Clippers, plus some shrewd veteran additions has this team winning for the first time ever and when you combine the wins to how exciting they play we can see why the Clippers have finally – finally – earned relevance in the NBA.

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