Brooklyn Nets Very Interested In Josh Smith

By Riley Schmitt
Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Smith is probably the biggest name on the trade market right now. The Atlanta Hawks will not give him the big contract that he wants, so a trade makes the most sense. It appears that the Brooklyn Nets are in the driver’s seat but does that move make sense?

I would have to guess a deal would start around MarShon Brooks and some other pieces, but I simply do not know if the Nets have enough pieces to pull something off.  They have to get a third team involved to make sure the Hawks end up getting close to equal value.  They want young players and expiring deals so they can make a big push for for free agents in the off-season.

A trade may be the best thing to happen to Smith.  The guy has a ton of talent but his play in ATL has been nothing short of erratic. Some nights he looks like a star while other nights he looks like an absolute scrub.  Maybe playing with a star point guard in Deron Williams can get him back on the right track.

We are less than two weeks away from the trade deadline so more rumors will be popping up as we draw closer.  The Nets look to be one of the more active teams, so expect this stuff to stay in the news for the long haul.

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