Can the Houston Rockets Contend for NBA Title

By Connor Muldowney
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets may be just an average team in the eyes of many, but are they on the verge of greatness? James Harden and Jeremy Lin sure hope so.

The Rockets are currently 28-24 and 11.5 games out of first place in the Southwest Division, but they are one of the league’s most electrifying teams. They average 106 points per game which is good for the second best mark in the league. However, the defense has been suspect in Houston as they allow 102.9 points per game, one of the worst averages in the NBA.

A lot will be learned in the Rockets upcoming road trip which will feature three games away from home before the All-Star break. Harden will be a huge factor for the rest of the season for Houston as they are 12-3 when he scores 30 points or more and the young guys on the team will also need to produce.

Guys like Chandler Parsons and Patrick Patterson have been pleasant surprises this season and will need to keep the solid play going if the Rockets want to make a run in the NBA playoffs this spring.

One thing that could ensure a deep playoff run is the depth of this team. They have eight guys that average at least eight points a game and 11 guys that play at least 10 minutes per game. If anything is going to carry this team to an NBA title it’s their offensive prowess and depth.

If there’s anything that could hold the Rockets back, it’s their lack of defense. Are they contenders? In my opinion, yes. They are far too talented to be held back from making a run, but their defense will hinder them in the process.

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