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Eric Gordon Should Be Happy With the New Orleans Hornets

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The saying the grass is always greener on the other side applies to how Eric Gordon is acting and talking.  It is this reason that the media and the fans haven’t been too quick to get on his side.  It is also this reason as to why his name has been mentioned in trade rumors since the season began.  On the other hand, on the court, his play has been superb.  Since coming back from injury, the New Orleans Hornets have a record of nine wins and seven losses.  Gordon has averaged 17 points a game and has formed a formidable backcourt with point guard Greivis Vasquez.

Then why has Gordon himself not been fully committed to the Hornets.  He has never come forward and stated his desire to stay even at least until the end of his contract.  The Phoenix Suns signed Gordon to a four year $58 million offer sheet in off-season.  Gordon, himself, asked the Hornets no to match but they did and know he is making an average of $14.5 million for the next three years.  The money isn’t bad for an under sized two guard with a history of injures.

Gordon needs to realize what he has with the Hornets.  Where else in the league will he get the keys to the franchise?  He is the center piece on a very young team.  The Hornets drafted both Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers this past summer.  Add that to the young core of Vasquez, Robin Lopez and Al-Farouq Aminu, Ryan Anderson and Xavier Henry and you have the building blocks of a team that will compete for a playoff spot regularly for years to come.  Couple that with a high draft pick this upcoming summer and there should be no question as to where Gordon’s allegiances should be:  staying with the Hornets.

Gordon has to realize that there really isn’t too many spots in the league for an under sized two guard.   A guard with limited abilities on the defensive end who has frequented the injury table isn’t someone who most teams build their franchise around.  He isn’t the greatest three-point shooter and he really doesn’t do much but score.

He shouldn’t feel betrayed by the organization not offering him a contract before the Suns signed him to an offer sheet.  It’s a business and one minute you are offered $58 million to play basketball and the next you are cut.  New Orleans is a great city to be a professional in and the money is awesome. Gordon needs to understand that he has been given a shot not too many others have been given. Sometimes the grass always seems greener on the other side.  Gordon should accept the idea of playing with the Hornets, making lots of money and even help in the building of a winning team.  If he plays well and the team wins then at the end of his contract he can go anywhere he wants for as much money as he desires.

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