NBA Rumors: Milwaukee Bucks Could Deal For Orlando Magic Guard J.J. Redick

By Michael Terrill
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks are reportedly interested in trading for Orlando Magic shooting guard J.J. Redick. Is this the right move for the Bucks to make before the NBA Feb. 21 trade deadline?

Milwaukee is only willing to trade for Redick if the team can convince him to re-sign for a long-term deal. Considering Redick is in the last year of his contract the Bucks are not interested in trading for him just to see him walk this summer, especially when they already have shooting guard Monta Ellis hanging by a thread.

Since Ellis will most likely void his 2013-14 option and test out free agency, Milwaukee seems very eager to shop him around and see what they can get for the 27-year-old. Ellis is expected to command a big contract if he hits the market so it is completely understandable why he would not want to stay with the Bucks, even if that means getting $11 million for one year of work.

Redick, on the other hand, will not get nearly as big of a contract as Ellis and fits better into the Bucks’ budget. In order to convince Orlando to trade the 28-year-old Milwaukee will have to give up a future first-round draft pick and at least one player on their current roster with an expiring contract. Three players that quickly come to mind are center Samuel Dalembert, point guard Brandon Jennings and Ellis.

Ideally, the Bucks would want to give up Dalembert but the Magic are more likely to ask for Jennings or Ellis. Dalembert would not be out of the ordinary considering how well he has played in recent games, including an NBA record 35 points, 12 rebounds and .800 field goal percentage off the bench against the Denver Nuggets. Milwaukee believes they can retain Jennings even though many believe the 23-year-old is destined for a big contract with another team. That leaves Ellis as the player the Magic will probably get.

I understand it does not make much sense for the Bucks to trade Ellis in a year that they have a legitimate shot at doing damage in the playoffs. However, if they are able to get a talented shooting guard such as Redick for several years then it is worth it because signing Ellis long-term does not appear to be in the cards. Obviously, keeping Ellis would be ideal but the organization must take what they can get at this point.

Redick is averaging career-highs with 15.3 points, 4.5 assists, 2.5 rebounds and 0.6 steals per game while shooting 45.2 percent from the field and 39.9 percent from beyond the arc in 32.0 minutes.

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