NBA Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns Need Total Makeover In Offseason

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Phoenix Suns are a very bad basketball team right now. Phoenix is presently in last place in the Western Conference and needs to get a ton of help in the next draft and in free agency. The time has probably come to pull the plug on what is happening right now with the team and think outside the box at coaches. It is very apparent at least to me that Lindsey Hunter just isn’t going to work out in Phoenix.

Phoenix needs to explore the possibility of looking at a coach like Avery Johnson to take the team over. Johnson has had success before and knows the game in and out. Also unlike Hunter, Johnson wouldn’t be in his first head coaching job. This team needs a veteran coach who is going to put them through their paces on an everyday basis. Right now, that just doesn’t appear to be happening.

The rest of this season is likely lost for the Suns but making a few moves along with getting a permanent head coach with previous experience would go a long way towards turning things around. Phoenix will likely find themselves in the lottery after this season and is going to need one of the top-five picks I believe to turn things around. You can’t have a team who is in the bottom half of every major statistic and believe that they can be a good basketball team in the National Basketball Association. It all comes down to quality, young talent these days and that is seriously lacking for Phoenix.

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