Phoenix Suns Robert Sarver Has Decisions To Make

By Shahab Khan
Robert Sarver Phoenix Suns
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The Phoenix Suns are a franchise going nowhere this season.

Sorry, they are going backwards this season. They lost hall-of-famer Steve Nash, and hence, they have lost a lot of games. Coach Alvin Gentry was recently relieved of his duties, and the team now has interim coach Lindsey Hunter running the show. This move is only the tip of the iceberg of what has to be done, and it has fallen onto the lap of owner Robert Sarver to rescue the franchise of becoming the worst in the NBA.

Sarver has many decisions to make. First and foremost, he has to make a decision of journeyman-turned-general manager Lance Blanks. Blanks didn’t have the most successful career as a player, but he has quickly risen through the ranks as an executive. He served in different posts with both the Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs. He was even a television analyst with the Spurs.

I guess it’s vogue to hire anyone from the Spurs, but he hasn’t had the best year in his position, and hasn’t made any real impression on the fans or media in Phoenix. Rumors of an altercation with veteran Jermaine O’Neal has tarnished his year even farther.

Sarver then has to make decisions on his coach. Is Hunter the answer for the future? His hiring has angered many in the organization, and led to the resignations of both assistant coaches Dan Majerle and Elston Turner. Hunter has no prior experience coaching a team. It looks like Sarver scraped the bottom of the barrel for both his coach and general manager.

Then there are the players. Is Goran Dragic your starting point guard of the future, and why is he the highest paid player on the team? Will Michael Beasley ever fulfill any sort of his potential? Are there any suitors for malcontent verteran O’Neal? Is it time to end the Marcin Gortat experiment? What is Luis Scola doing on the roster? Can you afford to pay a combined ten million dollars to perennial bench players Channing Frye and Jared Dudley?

It seems like there are questions with the entire roster. The Suns roster has become a mish-mash of unwanted players in the league. It makes me understand the true worth of Nash, and how he kept the team together. The era of getting to the conference finals is over, and change needs to happen. Sarver has made many changes over the past season, but truthfully, none of them have worked.

It’s lottery time for the Suns. Let’s hope for the fans’ sake, they get lucky with the ping pong balls.

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