Andrew Bynum Must Play This Season For Philadelphia 76ers

By Andy Schmidt
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When you think of the biggest disappointment in the National Basketball Association this season, the first name that comes to mind for me has to be Andrew Bynum. Bynum went to the Philadelphia 76ers during the four-team trade that moved Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers. Bynum has sat on the bench the entire season after waiting on surgery and still isn’t ready to take the court.

Bynum finally took to the court to practice some by himself this last week but is still a long way away from actually taking the court. It is looking very likely that Bynum doesn’t even get on the court this season. The 76ers have to feel cheated by this point because they expected Bynum to be a major factor this year and a player that could help them make the next step in the Eastern Conference. That likely won’t be happening and probably wish they still had Andre Iguodala back on the roster, who can at least play at this point.

Bynum should be giving back some of his huge salary back to Philadelphia for breach of contract the way this is going. Bynum is making nearly $17 million this year and for a player who is just sitting around doing nothing, you can’t be paying someone that much. I’m sitting here writing this and doing about as much as Bynum. That is a joke, you know it and I know it but someone needs to tell Bynum that he is looking really bad in this situation. Bynum had better find his way on the court at some point this season or there could be very few teams who want him when he becomes a free agent.

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