Andrew Bynum’s Injury Update: Not What Fans Hoped to Hear

By Phil Naegely
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

For Philadelphia 76ers fans hoping for Andrew Bynum to play by the end of February will be disappointed. Before Philadelphia’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Bynum provided an update to the media. No clear return date was given and much uncertainty remains about his injury and his progress moving forward.

Bynum has been able to take some shots during practice without jumping much and has spent time on the workout equipment during practice. He also had a two hour workout Sunday. However his talk today seemed to tell a completely different story then the progress he seemed to be making.

Bynum was not very optimistic during the press conference about returning anytime in February.  “I’m not sure. It’s all going to depend on if we get a setback or not.” Well hopefully Bynum doesn’t go bowling again like he did stupidly before. I think he learned his lesson about that the hard way. Bynum also interjected that he has no set date to return by as well.

The update today just shows that injuries are a complex thing sometimes and that there are sometimes more questions than answers about them.

He did face one setback when practicing this past week as well as yesterday. Bynum had to “dial it down” in his drills after experiencing pain while doing defensive slides and basketball activities.

The 76ers took a risk when they traded for Bynum this off-season. So far the risk has not paid off and they are definitely on the losing end of the trade. If Bynum returns anytime soon or even before the season end, then maybe the trade will have been truly worth it for the 76ers.

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