Charlotte Bobcats Need Byron Mullens To Shoot Much Better

By John Raffel
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Byron Mullens scored a fair amount of points on Saturday in a disappointing 87-76 NBA loss for the Charlotte Bobcats to the Philadelphia 76ers. But like the rest of the players on his team, he basically did not have a hot hand.

It’s the same old story for the Bobcats, some players performed well but usually not on an impressive basis. That’s kind of the way it was for Mullens with 16 points but on  7-of-19 shooting, which is too poor to win games, especially when you’re  a 7-foot center. Kemba Walker was 2-of-9 and Ben Gordon 3-of-10. As a team, the Bobcats were 27-of-88  and 2-of-16 in 3-point tries and no one is going to win games that way.

Mullens has been trying to help the Bobcats whatever way possible. At 275 pounds, he needs to not be afraid of throwing his weight around. His 37.7 percent shooting percentage is awful for an inside guy with high percentage shots. He should be closer to 50 percent. He’s getting the opportunities but isn’t converting.

He’s rebounding at eight per game, which, while not bad, needs to get into double figures to help his team. The Bobcats need steady outstanding play from Mullens. Simply steady play won’t cut it. They need to get more from players like Mullens. If he would contribute more, perhaps his team will be winning more games.

But don’t hold your breath and don’t blame Mullens entirely. He remains one of the more productive players on the team, but he needs to be more productive, far more productive. The Bobcats are lacking from productivity.

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