Indiana Pacers May Get Danny Granger Back on Wednesday

By J.M. Nicholas
Michael Hickey-USA TODAY Sports

After a lengthy hiatus due to a knee injury, Danny Granger, longtime team captain of the Indiana Pacers, looks to possibly (and finally) make his return to the court this week. Granger’s rehab status has been a secretive issue for the Pacers all season. There were rumors all year that he may return around the NBA All-Star weekend break, but there was never a definitive answer as to exactly when or where the former all-star would b back on the court with his team. Granger is also a former Comeback Player of the Year, and if all goes well, he could be competing for that title again after next season.

The Pacers have not seen Granger on the court since the preseason. Since then, the team has faced adversity, adjusted, and now stands at the top of their division. A lot changed for the Pacers when Granger went to the sideline, but his return will still be a well-deserved and necessary one.

The big question upon Granger’s return is where he may now fit into Indiana’s current lineup. Granger returned to practice on Saturday, and it is said that he might make his regular season debut this Wednesday, when the Pacers face the Charlotte Bobcats. Indiana has pushed on and persevered in Granger’s absence, but they could still definitely use his scoring, stability, and leadership on the court. If Granger can come back healthy, and eventually return to full strength, then his addition to this team will be immeasurably important.

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