Kevin Garnett to San Antonio Spurs Makes Some Sense

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Would Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett accept a trade to the San Antonio Spurs if a deal was to be executed?  They appear to be another team that could make a run at the superstar if the Celtics made him available.  This could all be a moot point as the Celtics are only a few games out of being the third seed in the Eastern Conference.  The problem as we have alluded to in recent articles is that they still do not appear to have the type of roster that could seriously challenge LeBron James and the Miami Heat in a seven game playoff series.  The Celtics can compete with them in the front court, but it is just questionable whether they can score enough points to beat them four times.  It would be difficult but of course stranger things have happened.

Getting back to Garnett, if the Spurs made an offer the Celtics liked, would he be okay playing in San Antonio?  One problem might be his past relationship with Spurs future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan.  If Duncan doesn’t like you, then you know you have problems.  Duncan very rarely talks to the media but it has been known for quite some time about his negative relationship with Garnett.  That is one stumbling block in addition to Garnett ultimately signing off on the deal.  In terms of what the Celtics would get in return, the Spurs do not have much to offer outside of small forward Kawhi Leonard.  He is a nice young player but it is doubtful the Celtics would just take him in return.  Outside of him, the Spurs are lacking in assets that would intrigue Boston.

Garnett is in the midst of another strong season and his first desire is to retire a Celtic.  We shall see.

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