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New Orleans Hornets Have The Ugliest Uniforms In The League

Ryan Anderson New Orleans Hornets

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Ryan Anderson modeling the front and below Anthony Davis the back of the ugliest uniforms in the league.

Anthony Davis New Orleans Hornets

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A few columns ago, I stated my disdain for the alternate uniforms of the Sacramento Kings: The Worst Uniforms Of The Year Goes To The Sacramento Kings. I now stand corrected. After watching the last couple of New Orleans Hornets games and seeing their alternate uniforms I can proudly say I was wrong. The Hornets not only have to worst uniforms but also the worst colors.

I would like to find out who designed these uniforms and who picked out the colors. Let us hope that these will not be the official uniforms or colors of the New Orleans Pelicans. The NOLA logo across the top is cool, the only cool thing about the whole get up. I don’t understand the zipper like contraption that separates the back and the front of the uniforms. Is it meant to confuse the opposition?

Then there are the colors. A combination which hasn’t been seen well forever: dark purple or blue with gold and green, shocking green I might add.

The NBA has a rule that you must wear the same colored undershirt or underpants under your uniform. So what color do the Hornets players wear? Then what about their shoes, what color are those? Do the individual shoe companies have specially made shoes for each player with all three colors? What about the wrist bands and head bands? What about the socks?

The uniforms are purely a marketing ploy. It’s another product to stock the shelves and for fan to buy. I wonder who would buy these anyways. I am sure no kid wants to be seen with these colors on. Is there a gang out there with these colors? If there is I am sure they aren’t that tough.

These uniforms remind me of the days of the American Basketball Association. The ABA tried everything in the book to entice fans to come out and spend their money. How about the Hornets actually just go and win. If the New Orleans Saints can do it in Black and Gold then the Hornets can as well in normal uniforms and with normal colors. As a player would I want to put this uniform on. I don’t think so


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