Sacramento Kings Are Holding Jimmer Fredette Back

By Riley Schmitt
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When Jimmer Fredette joined the NBA, a lot of people may have had way too high of expectations for him. I was certainly one of those people. His style of play in college was awesome to watch but it wasn’t really something that could translate to the pro level. After some bumps and bruises last year, Fredette has picked up his play this year. However, the Sacramento Kings are holding him back.

With a lot of teams looking for a guy who can come off the bench and score, Fredette should be a popular name at the upcoming trade deadline.  The sad thing is that he could be a key member to the team he is currently on, but they keep playing players that have no future with the team.  Aaron Brooks may be a nice piece, but why is he blocking a former lottery pick that has never gotten a fair shake?

I really hope that some team decides to make the move.  He will never be a starter in this league but you can probably count on him to turn into a very productive guy off the bench.  Shooters will always have a place in this league and Fredette can shoot with the best of him.  If he can come off the bench and make a few threes for a contender, it would be a big boost to them.

Jimmer has a legion of fans that will support him wherever he plays.  Hopefully that will be on a contending team after the deadline.

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