Will The Atlanta Hawks Make A Play For Dwight Howard?

By Riley Schmitt
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The marriage between the Los Angeles Lakers and Dwight Howard has been anything but pleasant. The team is in midst of a season that could see them missing the playoffs and Howard is the big reason why. He has underperformed and his teammates have had plenty of issues with him. When a guy like Steve Nash is mad, you know something is wrong. After this season, the Atlanta Hawks should make an all-out push for him.

Yes, the Lakers can re-sign Howard for more money than the Hawks can offer, but why would he want to stay in LA right now?  The pressure of the season has to be getting to him.  His coach throws him under the bus, his teammates don’t think he is giving it his all and the fans are starting to get extremely frustrated with him.  Maybe going back to his hometown will give him the spark he needs.

He may never be the same guy that was a constant contender for the MVP award due to his back surgery, but he can still be a very productive player.  The Hawks are in the midst of shedding bad contracts and remaking the team into one that can contend.  Adding a guy like Howard could be the big piece that they need to put their plan into full swing.

The summer is going to be an interesting time in Atlanta.  Howard is going to look at all his options and you would think that his hometown should be one of the favorites.

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