Kyle Korver Could Be An Attractive Trade Deadline Chip

By Riley Schmitt
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Kyle Korver has been a very pleasant surprise for the Atlanta Hawks this year. You expect him to make a bunch of threes but his performance as a starter has been quite fun to watch. The Hawks are probably going to make the playoffs but they are looking towards their future as well. Could this mean that Korver could be had at the trade deadline?

In the NBA, not all playoff teams are created equal.  You have your glut of teams that are there to take up space.  Atlanta is one of those teams.  Although they are having a good year, they are not going to scare anyone in the playoffs.  If the Hawks are really serious about improving for the future, they should see what Korver could bring them.  If they could secure a first round draft pick, that would be a smart move.

As the deadline moves closer, more names are going to be thrown out there.  Teams are always looking for guys who can shoot the ball at a moment’s notice.  Korver is the perfect guy for a team who is looking for someone to spread the floor.  The Hawks would probably not look to move him just to move him, but you could get him with the right offer.  They are in a position of power at this deadline and look for them to take advantage of it.

If Korver does get moved, expect him to play well.  That would set him up for another nice contract in the off-season.

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