Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant Learns From His Mistake, Takes To Twitter To Educate Fan

By Ben Grimaldi
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

No one can say that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant doesn’t learn from his mistakes because he has. In fact, he took to twitter yesterday to educate a fan on how using the word ‘gay’ was not an appropriate word or way to put someone down. One fan used the word in an argument with another fan via twitter and that’s when Bryant jumped in to set the fan straight.


Kobe would know something about the subject of using a derogatory word about sexual preference because two years ago he was caught using a gay slur towards an NBA official, for which he was fined $100,000. Bryant apologized and this incident is an example of someone learning from their mistake.

We now live in a world where bullying and name calling have some tragic effects and even though the fans may not have been serious with each other, there is no place for any type of homophobic slurs. I applaud Bryant for seeking out the individuals and trying to educate them on their behavior. It’s nice to see athletes stepping up and using their social media in a good way, rather than just to promote themselves.

Kobe Bryant is an all-star basketball player but yesterday he proved to be a great person as well. Kudos to Kobe for being proactive in a sensitive situation.

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