NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Place Dejaun Blair on Trading Block

By Trisity Miller
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Broussard of reports that the San Antonio Spurs are shopping forward Dejaun Blair.

Obviously forward Andrea Bargnani would be included in a deal with the Toronto Raptors and with all players who struggle in the NBA, you’d have to wonder how he’d fit into the Spurs culture and offense. His contract will obviously be a problem in acquiring him, but the Spurs have a lot of high value-low salary contracts on their roster (Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Tiago Splitter) and with Stephen Jackson‘s contract up after this season there is a possibility that they could be interested in him.

You can probably check the Miami Heat off that list. They recently signed Chris Andersen and don’t have remotely anything that could interest the Spurs. And with the lack of depth in Portland and the loss of Jared Sullinger in Boston, they could make a move after all-star break.

From the Spurs’ side of things, this is a move that has probably been in the works over the past two seasons, but there just haven’t been any willing buyers. Since the emergence of Splitter and signing of Boris Diaw, Blair has fallen out of the Spurs rotation at times. Since last season, Blair has played spotted minutes.

If the Spurs plan on making a deep playoff run having Blair won’t make or break them, but whoever they bring in in a trade could possibly help them as they’d have to likely defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals.

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