Philadelphia 76ers Have The Pargo Conundrum

By Shahab Khan
Jeremy Pargo Philadelphia 76ers
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The history of the NBA has been littered with players who have bounced from team to team.  These players just don’t fit a team or a system and seem to be with a new franchise every year or even every month.  It is these players that somehow squeeze out a NBA career and get paid benefits and a pension for a long time to come.  That is the story of the PargoJennaro and Jeremy.  Both are good enough to stay in the league but are not good enough to make the real impression.

The Philadelphia 76ers have signed the younger Jeremy Pargo to a ten day contract and he is already paying their trust back.  The Pargo’s are the same.  Whenever a team has an injury and needs a back-up point guard or back court scorer they look for a Pargo.  Jennaro has bounced around playing with eight teams.  He has had many outstanding performances with his scoring ability and quickness.  Now it’s for his younger brother to do the same.

In their loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, Jeremy came off the bench and scored ten points in twenty three minutes.  The previous game against the Charlotte Bobcats saw Jeremy score twelve points and add six rebound, five assists in twenty nine minutes.  Most teams in the league would love that type of output from their second unit.  Jeremy played more minutes than Royal Ivey and Damien Wilkins who have been in the league and with the team much longer.

Why is it that coaches and franchises trust the Pargos?  It seems they both have high basketball IQs.  They both understand their roles and they can pick up offensive and defensive schemes quickly.  Then why is that they don’t stick around for any long period of time with any team?  Is it their attitude, their work ethic or the fact that they want more money?

Whatever it is, it’s a Pargo conundrum.  Jeremy is on his first ten day contract with the Sixers and he has already played the Cleveland Cavaliers this season and the Memphis Grizzlies last season.  Whether he sticks around with the Sixers is anyone’s guess.  Where his future lies no one knows.  One thing is for certain:  it seems there will always be a place for a Pargo in the league.

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