Philadelphia 76ers Need Lavoy Allen's Rebounding to Improve for Success

By Phil Naegely
Lavoy Allen
Photo By USA Today Sports

After having a fabulous rebounding game against the Charlotte Bobcats, Lavoy Allen’s performance against the Los Angeles Clippers was the complete opposite. Against the Bobcats Allen grabbed 22 boards, but could only grab two against the Clippers.

With injuries to some key players on the Philadelphia 76ers roster, Allen’s ability to rebound is a key part to their success. If he can grabs the boards like he did against the Bobcats and can help generate more chances for the Sixers, they should be able to find success before and after the All-Star break.

Against the Bobcats, Allen had 11 offensive rebounds alone and his 22 total boards was a season high. I get that he hasn’t reached rebounding numbers like that in the past, but he needs to be better on the boards.

The Sixers’ success is relying on Allen and his grabbing the ball off the boards. Overall Allen needs to step up his rebounding game to help the Sixers try to salvage a possible eight seed in the playoffs. With the injuries to key Sixers players, other players like Allen will need to step up and become key players.

Allen showed in the game against the Bobcats that he can be a key contributor to the Sixers success. That could have just been a fluke, but hopefully it wasn’t and Allen can at least hit his season average of five and a half rebounds a game. He definitely didn’t do that against the Clippers and that showed in the loss.

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