Should The Sacramento Kings Part Ways With Tyreke Evans?

By Riley Schmitt
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve always been one of the people who thinks Tyreke Evans can be an extremely special player. However, it seems that he has reached a plateau in Sacramento. The Sacramento Kings just seem like a mess and it looks like the team needs to part ways with Evans so both can move on.

It seems like a change of scenery could be the best thing for Evans.  I don’t see him ever being a typical point guard, so moving him to a team with a pass-first guy running the point could be the best thing for him.  However, there are not a lot of teams looking to trade for a guy who has a big contract coming up.  Evans is going to get paid but you are more than likely paying for potential at this point.

The Kings could get a nice return for Evans and a team that I thought stood out most was the Chicago Bulls.  Of course, the best deal between the teams could have been reached before the draft last year, but I digress.  The rumors (mainly on the blogs) were kicking around a Evans/Francisco Garcia + the fifth pick for Luol Deng and some other pieces.  More than likely it would have been Taj Gibson in order to make all the money work.

Would have this deal worked out?  At this point, probably not.  However, you will probably see more deals like this pop for Evans in the near future.  Some team probably thinks they can turn him into the star that Sacramento failed to do.

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