The Season Is Over For Philadelphia 76ers

By Shahab Khan
Doug Collins Philadelphia 76ers
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With their loss to the Los Angeles Clippers Monday night, the Philadelphia 76ers are officially sitting out of the playoffs.  The way things have been transpiring lately, it will be difficult to get back in.  In real terms, the Sixers season is over and they should attempt to build for the next season.

The news on Andrew Bynum doesn’t look good.  His recent setback with his knees and whatever else is going on with his body doesn’t make his return this season a reality.  Jason Richardson and Thaddeus Young are also both out with injuries.  Sixty percent of the believed starting lineup is out.

The starting lineup of healthy bodies Nick Young, Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes and Lavoy Allen doesn’t spark fear into any opposition team.  Last night, and ever since the injuries began to mount, Holiday doesn’t seem interested anymore.  He was severely outplayed by Chris Paul.  Young was their leading scorer trying to make a point against his old team.  If Young is your leader then your team has major issues.  I have already called for the Sixers to trade him at the deadline and with his recent outburst of good play they might be able to get something valuable back in return.  Allen is a rookie and both Turner and Hawes are enduring bad seasons.

I feel bad for coach Doug Collins.  It took him a while to get another shot at coaching a team ever since the Michael Jordan Washington Wizards fiasco.  He took the team to lofty heights last season and with the acquisition of Bynum another step forward should have been taken.  Sadly, the team has gone backwards in their play and in the way their roster has been built.  For Collins this might be the end of the line and another broadcasting job should be looked at.

The Sixers season is over.  They should limit Holiday’s minutes so he doesn’t get hurt as well and Young should be traded.  He would be a nice bench addition to a playoff team.  I am not saying tank on purpose but what’s the use of finishing eighth and playing the top seeded Miami Heat?  Well, they finished that way last season, and surprised the Chicago Bulls who were without Derrick Rose.  Then again the Heat aren’t the Bulls and they have both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James just in case one of them goes down.

The city of Philadelphia deserves a winner.  Actually every city that supports their teams deserve winners but only one team and one city can claim that title in a year.  So for now the Sixers should quietly fade away into the sunset and get ready for next season.

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