Brooklyn Nets Thriving On Reggie Evans' Rebounding

By John Raffel
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

They say that rebounds can be just as valuable as points. If that’s the case, then Reggie Evans was grabbing a lot of points for the Brooklyn Nets Monday night.

Every single board he collected was a big one.

Evans had 22 rebounds in the Nets’ 89-84 overtime victory over the Indiana Pacers. His rebounding talents were never more recognized as they were in this game.

Evans, of course, is a rebounding specialist. That’s what he’s there for. He’s only averaging 3.76 points per game but is at 9.4 rebounds per contest. That figure ranks him 14th in the NBA along with Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls.

His career average is 6.9, way below what he’s averaging this season. He’s also on the court for about 23 minutes per game so he’s getting the job done whenever he’s on the floor.

This isn’t the first time that Evans exploded as a rebounder. He’s had his share of dramatic moments bringing down the boards and giving his team a major lift. The Nets are 30-22 and beat a quality team 31-21 Pacers. Evans’ talents will only help the Nets get better as they thrive to be among the best NBA teams in 2012-13.

Evans positions himself so well against whomever he was playing against.

The public address system announcer doesn’t say “Rebound by Reggie Evans.” Otherwise, he would be mentioning Evans’ name a lot.

He loves being a rebounder and Reggie Evans remains one of the best in the NBA.


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