Denver Nuggets Coach George Karl Needs To Regroup His Team

By John Raffel
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Now George Karl will really start earning his money as coach of the Denver Nuggets.

It’s easy to coach a team when it’s on a winning streak. When Karl’s team was coming off a nine-game NBA win streak, the longest in eight years for the franchise, he could enjoy the ride with his players.

But now it’s a two-game losing streak, nothing to be too alarmed about, as long as it stays as a two-game loss streak.

Once it get three or four, the alarm bells will start sounding in a major way.

But that’s where the veteran leadership of Karl comes into play. He’s been here before. He knows how to keep his team on an even keel, not panicking when things go bad and not overdoing it when things go good.

He just has to remind his players that there’s a tremendous amount of work to be done and its still a long season. The win streak is over and it’s time to start a new one.The Nuggets are going through the injury worries considering that Andre Iguodala, who hurt his neck in the third quarter of Sunday’s triple overtime loss to the  Boston Celtics, was scratched from Tuesday’s lineup. So were Damilo Gallinari to a sinus infection and Wilson Chandler to a groin injury

But the cupboard isn’t bare considering Ty Lawson had a brilliant game with 29 points and nine assists and other players contributed. Karl has plenty of talent to work with.

It’s a two-game losing streak for the Nuggets but this team is too talented for that streak to last very long.

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